Quincy House is launching a new program this year to serve our youth during their senior year of high school and beyond. The All-In program will support our teens as they make plans for their life after high school and continue to champion them as they transition into their lives as independent adults. This program will include:

1. Guidance to each teen in developing an individual plan for education and a career/vocation beyond high school.

2. Skill-building around money management, independent living, accessing resources in the community, and understanding and articulating their own strengths and abilities.

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How does All-in work?

All-In occurs in five parts:

  1. All-In Group

    We will have curriculum to guide seniors in applying for further education, managing their money, getting a job and much more, Seniors will meet once a month during a program night to learn and receive further guidance on next steps.

  2. All-In Sessions

    All-In Sessions are scheduled every month to give our graduates tools for growth. These could range from financial wellness to soft skills for job interviews.

  3. All-In Irondale

  4. All-In Individual

    Before each Program night, we are offering up our house to teens who want to meet with All-In Instructors for one on one questions regarding their future.

When is all-in?

  1. All-In Group - The fourth Tuesday of every month

  2. All-In Sessions - The fourth Saturday of every month

  3. All-In Irondale - Once a month

  4. All-In Individual - Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00 - 6:00

For more information on our programs, please contact us at the link below.

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