Our Mission

Quincy House is dedicated to transforming lives by empowering teens to have hope for their future by providing unconditional love and guidance

Quincy House was established in the Summer of 2015 to provide hope, guidance, and unconditional love to at-risk teens dealing with tough issues, such as depression, suicidal tendencies, substance abuse, truancy, self-injury, and homelessness. Our balanced programs meet the social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual needs of at-risk teens. Teens experience grace at Quincy House and are reminded they are loved unconditionally by God & our leaders.

All teens are welcome regardless of background. Quincy House provides a safe environment and mentorship for each teen to receive support, guidance, and practical skills in making better choices today to live as healthy adults tomorrow.

What We Value


Every teen should believe they can achieve a bright future. Quincy House provides hope by supporting and encouraging teens through the highs and lows in life.


Faith exemplified by sharing the unconditional and limitless love of Jesus Christ is a value we strive to emulate while serving our teens, coworkers, and community.


Teens are talented and have value. We empower them by recognizing, acknowledging, and strengthening their individual talents. We also work to show them they are valued by God, by us and by others.


Teens thrive when they have healthy relationships with caring adults. One-on-one time with teens is an essential component that allows us to meet each teen where they are.


Education is one of the most powerful tools in changing an individual’s life trajectory. We teach teens life skills that help them make choices which will benefit them mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually.


All are welcomed and unconditionally loved here. We will walk alongside any teen and their family who needs of additional support.