Our Program Manager

Shanece Logan

Quincy House is constantly evolving to reflect the needs of our teens! We couldn’t be more blessed to welcome Shanece Logan to our team as our full time Program Manager! Shanece started at Quincy in January, 2019.


 Shanece Logan grew up in north Minneapolis and was raised by her grandmother who often took her to church as a child.  After the 9th grade, her family relocated to south Florida.  During her high school and College years, she did not have a  deep rooted relationship with the Lord and indulged in the party scene.  In 2007, Shanece knew she was on the wrong path and wanted a change. She found a local church in the neighborhood and it was at this time she gave her life to Christ at the age of 20.  Shortly there after, God called her back home to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In 2009, she was baptized and began her true journey building her relationship with God.  In the following year, she married her  childhood and long-time friend, Dajon Logan. Together, they have built and continually invest in their healthy marriage, while raising their four beautiful daughters.

Over the past 9 years, Shanece has co-led the Youth Ministry with her husband at their home Church in South Minneapolis. This experience created a passion in her to show teens their value, and the importance of living for Christ. 

Shanece believes God has given her the desire to share His unconditional, and everlasting love to the young people and that He has called her to the Quincy House to do His work.