Summer Program

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August 23rd

Program Details

Open House

Join us for our open house sessions every Monday and Thursday from 1pm to 5pm. Drop by to hang out with fellow students in a relaxed atmosphere. We offer transportation and a variety of activities including baking, basketball, movies, and more!

Student Outreach

Our student outreach program allows small groups of 2 to 4 students and a staff member to have meaningful experiences together. Activities may include sharing meals, visiting trampoline parks, or enjoying movies, fostering connections and support.

Field Trip

Every Wednesday, we offer field trip opportunities, alternating between middle school and high school students each week. These outings may include visits to Valley Fair, water parks, Twins games, and more exciting destinations.

1 on 1

Similar to our student outreach program, 1-on-1’s sessions enable one student to connect individually with a staff member. These opportunities focus on building relationships and support through activities like sharing meals or playing basketball together.

Summer program schedule

Group Night

Group night is a time to play games, meet together as a Quincy family and enjoy a family style dinner. We have a huge backyard with a sport court that includes basketball and volleyball playing surfaces. Teens enjoy yard games, fuse ball, card games and board games as well. Next, our whole Quincy family meets upstairs for a teaching time from our Program Director. We watch videos and cover topics to empower our teens to live with more purpose and take ownership of their well being. Finally we share meals which are donated to Quincy House by members of our community and local restaurants. This is a time for our students to have conversation and reflect on their night as we sit around the table.

Real Talk Night

Real Talk night is a time for our teens to play games, reflect on their weeks and have dinner. The structure of these nights are the same as that of Group nights, except instead of meeting as a full group, we break into smaller support groups to facilitate restorative circles.

During Real Talk, teens reflect on their week and share their emotions in a trusted group. Our teens learn to grow from one another and learn to build confidence, self-esteem, coping skills and trust!

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